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Kind Attn: Sree Narendra Modiji, Hon. Prime Minister of India & All

Sub: Balancing of Panchabutas -  A Solution to Indian Economy- 2019

by Prof. Earanna.S & Prof. Mitta Sekhara Gowd


We, on behalf of our Journal congratulate you and your astute for taking daring steps towards positive reforms in the society. However, we would like to bring to your kind notice certain facts to analyse and relook into the same for necessary action.

Policies of your esteemed Government are good from top to bottom, but the question of hour is, whether they are effectively implemented or not? There is a need for introspection on the proper implementation of the policies. To analyse, there is nothing wrong to call even wise    persons from opposition parties, research forums, business community, finance sector, academics and experts. Critical evaluation, logical thinking and out of box solutions to problems that plague the economy are required at this juncture.

In view of Panchabutas:

Agni: (Fire)

1. Usage of abundant solar power properly by individuals and also industries to the extent it is possible.

2. Controlling the wild fire like “Amazon- life line” steps should be initiated by artificial cloud seeding through appropriate technology.

3. Encouraging conventional Homas, Yagnas and Yagas for increasing spiritual power of the country.

Jal: (Water)

1. Effective usage of abundant sea water through appropriate technology.- Israel model

2. Effective control of floods & famine through appropriate technology

3. Timely prediction of devastating rain fall, floods and sunamis to take necessary precautions.

4. The dream project- River linkage is the answer for effective irrigation.

5. Proper planning and implementation of Drainage systems.

6, Full utilization of rain water, recycling of water, minimum flow of water to ocean.

Bhoomi:  (Earth)

1. Like Chandrayaana, Bhooyana is equally necessary to know available resources and also to predict earthquakes well in advance to mitigate the loss.

2. Cultivation of barren and marshy lands by adapting suitable agro based        technology to support farming community & promising entrepreneurs

3. Effective use of cultivable land by educating farming community in scientific farming, use of organic manure, effective utilization of water and providing them timely help of schemes.

Vayu & Akasha: (Air & Space)

1. Air pollution has to be reduced by taking proper and strict measures.

2. Damage to fragile Ozone layer- protective shield should be controlled through appropriate Yagnas based on ancient Vedas.

3. Improper utilization of outer space may lead to collision; accumulation of debris may endanger mankind if not controlled.

4. It is necessary to encourage the ambitious projects like Chandrayana to enhance scientific temper among the youngsters.

Other suggestions:

·         Along with of searching water and other resources on moon, let the available resources be used effectively on earth.

·         Ever village should have tiny industry to make use locally available resources to generate direct and indirect employment to control migration.

·         Proper measures are to be taken for bringing back black money to the main stream by  appropriate tax reforms- both direct and indirect taxes.

·         Population explosion should be controlled through uniform policy measures.

·         Finance sectors should work as per the directions of Government policies. A lot of Government schemes are not reaching to the needy just because of banker’s bias attitude.

·         Instead of depending upon conventional Petrol, Diesel and Mineral Gases  alternative sources like alge, solar, jatropa, ocean tides, wind etc, should be relied upon.

·         Technology and innovations should reach to the people through the involvement of Technology giants like IIT’s, ISRO and others.

·         Government schemes like Make in India, Standup India, Startup India etc., should be  implemented properly by setting coordinator Government policies implementation authorities and financial sectors.

·         Elimination of corrupt practices through appropriate policies and stringent implementation.

·         Potential Entrepreneurs identification and supporting them is required.

·         Proper utilization of Government assets.

·         Major projects should be developed and implemented indigenously.

·         Economy centric schemes and policies are required.

·         Proper Coordination of Scientific organizations needed to ensure proper   balancing of Panchabuthas.

     We, on behalf of our Journal humbly request you to consider our recommendations if found appropriate.

 With Warm Regards

Prof. Earanna. S, 

Retd. Associate Professor, B.R.B.College of Commerce,

Raichur, Karnataka State, India.        &

Prof. Mitta Sekhara Gowd, 

Founder & Managing Editor, AIIJRMSST, Tumkur, Karnataka State, India.

& Associate Professor, Dept of MBA (PGDMS), Kalpataru Institute of Technology, Tiptur,

Karnataka State, India.  &

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